mad love paintless dent repair

Army Navy Marines Air force Coast guard Military Services We Love and Respect you beyond words



God Bless you! 

For your Service and Sacrifice...To those whom currently serve, or have served, and for the immediate families of those whose lives are currently or have been so sacrificially given for our freedoms. 

We Salute You! 

Now it's time for us to serve you...

Fire Fighters Police officers Paramedics Doctors Life Flight thank you for protecting our loved ones

First Responders


We can't Thank you enough for all you do! Your Service and Sacrifice is beyond appreciated. God Bless you!

Hats-Off to you!

Teachers Educators are why generation after generation we are educated and prepared for the future



Thank-you...For teaching our kids!  Giving them knowledge, truth, history, science, athletics, art, music, and so much more...Helping preparing them for their Life ahead.  

Though we can't give you a "Well Done" Diploma...We can Save you some paper!


I am beyond blessed to be a Farmers and Teachers son. I also am blessed to be part of an amazing Military heritage. Due to reasons beyond my control, I was unable to fulfill a life long dream to become a Navy Seal. Therefore I cannot comprehend the sacrifice, discipline, dedication and time those whom serve and have served have given to me and my family for the Freedoms we enjoy and Love...I can however, and am humbled to honor you by offering my time and God-given talents to serve you in the best and most efficient way, with a Quality Paintless Dent Repair and Hail Repair at a respectable price. We proudly serve many areas across the US. CONTACT US to see if we serve your area. 


Service, Sacrifice...mad savings!

Hats off to you!

Gift Certificates? Dented Bucks!

It's All about the BENJAMINS!

Marketing signs are a great way to intrigue potential customers showing our attention to detail

These Gift-Cerficate Like "Dented Bucks" truly are about saving you those Hard-Earned Benjamins. You can use them to save yourself some Cash or Buy them as Gift Certificates for someone special. The concept is pretty Simple...for every $50 Spent, you will receive $75 in Value towards one's next repair. You can buy as many as you desire up to $1000.00. And can redeem them at any time. 

They make Perfect gifts for any occasion..."Christmas," Birthdays, Graduations, etc. 

For those Insurance related inci-"Dents," they're great for making the hurt of that "Deductible" less Painful. 

Heck...They're just plain great if you wanna spend less and get more! 

They are completely Transferrable! Just Let us know and we'll glady accomodate any change. 

*Stipulations Apply.



You need to Know...


Upon purchase of "Dented Buck's" Gift Certificates (also known as "DB's",) Purchaser will be required to fill out "DB's" with the info of one to receive said "DB's." The main Monetary Bill-Like  part of the "DB's" will then be given to purchaser, and "Tear-off" Stub will be retained by "Dented Auto, Inc." for receipt of Purchase.  If Original Purchaser desires to Give/Sell or in essence, "Transfer" said "DB's," They must notify "Dented Auto, Inc." of said Transfer, and extend info of one to whom receives said transfer. (To help prevent Fraudulent activity due to Loss or Stolen Certificate/s...) 

"DB's" MUST be presented to "Dented Auto" at time of Payment for Services Rendered, in order to redeem Value of "DB's." 

"Dented Bucks" Do NOT Expire! So...Don't worry about that. You use them when you need them. 

"DB's" are NON-Refundable. So put them in a safe place. If by chance, by some unforeseen event, they become lost, Stolen, or Damaged...Contact us immediately so we can determine if replacing them is warranted. (May be subject to additional charges.)