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About Us

The attention to detail and precise steps to design and perfect this interior is our process as well

Quality Paintless Dent and Hail Damage Repair!


Dented Auto, Inc has over 23 years of experience. We are dedicated to providing high-quality " Paintless Dent Repair " (PDR) and " Hail Damage Repair "...at a fraction of the cost of Conventional "Paint & Body" Repairs. (CR) 

Your experience with us will keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket...Our service will provide you satisfaction and quite frankly, 

may even put a huge Smile on your face.

 Shear beauty and making of the lines of this car the same way we go after repairing your cars lines

We Have You Covered


Has INSANE STORMS got your ride looking like it's been thru HAIL and back!

Has some rogue KAMIKAZI DEER targeted you!

How 'bout that MANIACAL Shopping Cart!  

Well, rest assured. With the ability to fix damage much more extensive than most PDR shops...We definitely have you covered!

What Truly sets us apart...is, What we can Fix!

Fine cars and tattoos are both forms of art as is a well done paintless dent or hail damage repair

Our Quality Promise


We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our shop performs only the best in Quality Repairs with the use of Utmost Integrity to ensure that your vehicle is always repaired to the Highest of Standards. 

Feel free to contact our references to see why "Dented Auto" truly is...

The Best Alternative!


Paintless Dent Repair

Removal of Dings, Dents, Creases, HAIL Damage, Deer Hits, Tree Damage, Collision Damage and the like...on Most types of Vehicles. We are capable of repairing Bodylines, "HSS" High Strength Steel, Aluminum and even some Bumpers. Using Specialized Tools... designed to repair vehicles from the inside out. Therefore, preserving the integrity of the factory finish.

Touch Up


We also offer Touch Up for repairs where the paint has been cracked, chipped or otherwise compromised from damage. 

This is a great and cost effective alternative. 

Insurance Approved


We work with most types of Insurance and on occasion can even offer "Deductible Assistance."  

"Dented Auto" is 100% Insured, Licensed and Bonded.

Your vehicle is not only safe with us...We can honestly say, "You're in Good Hands!"